House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden ( HOSPG ) is International House of Prayer to pray, praise and worship God for 24 hours


House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden is managed by YAYASAN NAFIRI AGUNG, a non-profit and inter-denominational organization.

Pdt. Ir. Jongky T. Widjojo, M.Th

Chairman of the Yayasan Nafiri Agung

Pdm. Naomi L. Louhenapessy Lisapaly, M.Th

Head of House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden


Preparing the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ (Luk.3: 36).


1. Unifying the church of God from various fellowship and denomination in prayer for the visitation of God (2 Chr 7: 13-14, John 17: 21).

2. Preparing the end-time soldiers of Christ in the power of God to defeat the ruler of darkness (Satan and his evil spirits) so that the shackled souls are freed and harvested massively to be brought into the Kingdom of God (Eph.6: 12 , Matt. 9: 35-38, Matt.24:14)


Solomon’s Temple is an integrated (unity) between the David’s Tent and the Tabernacle of Moses.

In Tabernacle of Moses, there is no praise and worship. Only offerings, day and night.This is the church that emphasizes the word of God.

In David’s Tent, there is no offerings day and night. There is only praise and worship. This is the church that emphasizes the Holy Spirit.

Both church accused one to another: “You are a heretic … No, You are”. This is never ending.

But now is up. It has finished. It has been united. They are join hands together. The important thing is Jesus Christ is the Lordto them.

That is the meaning of Solomon’s Temple.

Unity is the main key for the great harvest.


The House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden begins with the vision of the Lord. On December 10, 2008 at Mount of Prayer Gethsemane, Ungaran, Semarang, God gave a vision to Ps. Ir. Jongky T. Widjojo to build the Temple of Solomon in Depok city.