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Depok is a city between Jakarta and Bogor. Depok city is 33Km to South of Jakarta,and 29 Km to north from Bogor. The land is 200,29 Km2 ( 23 Km2 bigger than Washington D.C.). Population is 1.633.095 people ( in 2014 ). Depok is satellite city that supporting capital city of Indonesia : Jakarta. Depok city is well known as city of education it has University of Indonesia, aside from there are alsouniversity Gunadarma and there are various schools.

The first church stood is Immanuel church that was founded in the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB) The church “Immanuel” Depok hereinafter referred to as the Church name ” GPIB Immanuel” Depok. “GPIB Immanuel” Depok is a church that is a continuation of “the AD church of Depok” is determined based on historical data which was originally named “AD Church of Depok” since June 28, 1714.

The church GPIB “Immanuel” Depok instituted on 7 December 1955 to the 58th Congregation in the ranks of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia. The transfer of assets such as land and building of the Church of the Institute Cornelis Chastelein to GPIB Synod Assembly on April 24, 1956. The church GPIB “Immanuel” Depok resident / located in Jl. Pemuda No. 70 RT.02 RW.08 Village District of Pancoran Mas, Depok 16431 Depok. GPIB church “Immanuel” is in the area of ​​ Services Consultative Services GPIB West Java II (Mupel Jabar II) GPIB churche “Immanuel” Depok is a partnership of citizens GPIB embodied in the life of communion, service and witness an orderly, organized and dynamic.

Cornelis Chastelein, a French-Dutch, in 1692 was quit from VOC, then he bought land around Batavia to Depok. To work on the land, Chastelain bought 150 slaves. Then, he made Depok to had it’s own goverment. Chastelain invites his slaves to become Christian and he gave their family name, which are : Bacas, Isack, Jacob, Jonathan, Joseph, Laurens, Leander, Loen, Samuel, Soedira, Tholence and Zadokh. There are 12 family names.

In 1700 when the church was built and sunday service begun. Before Chastelain died in June 28, 1714, he had prepared the will to freedom the slaves and their family from the slavery, and he bequeathead land of Depok to them. August 04, 1952, Indonesia Goverment taken over all the land except a few land and building : church, school, parish house, meeting hall and funeral. Since that day, LCC ( Lembaga Cornelis Chastelain ) was established. A social organization which manages school, funeral and walfare of people of old Depok.

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