HOSPGĀ  is the House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden, the place to pray, praise and worship God and meditate on the Word of God.

HOSPG was founded by a Christian social organization called “Nafiri Agung Foundation”

The goal is that all interdenominational churches can come to pray, praise&worship God and enjoy God’s presence and receive God’s miraculous experience.

Although theHOSPG is a Christian Foundation, it is possible for non Christians to come to pray here in the prayer cave, because in the prayer cave is a place of prayer for struggles and personal problems and certainly should have a clear identity.


In HOSPG there are five facilities:

  1. Receptionist Room, for registration.
  2. The main house, consisting of 45 prayer rooms, 4 large chapels and one small chapel, there is Solomon’s prayer tower, and the office of the leader and staff.
  3. The prayer cave, consisting of 81 prayer caves.
  4. Prayer Garden area, consists of 27 small bamboo gazebos for 2 person capacity and 1 large bamboo gazebo for 10 person capacity
  5. The Utility Room, consists of a counseling room, kitchen, dining room, bookstore and library.

the procedure is to register first through the Website / Telephon / WA. And if it is confirmed, bring a clear identity to be stored in Receptionist and the receptionist will give badge to stay. Guests staying are not allowed to bring any food because food is available for free, the visitors who come only to pray alone or in groups, if bring food should be placed at the receptionist and if you have finished praying can be taken to eating in the dining room in the utility building. Children under 12 years old, not allowed to enter. Dress should be neat and not allowed to wear shorts. And no smoking in all areas of HOSPG

There is no cost to be spent on all the facilities used in the HOSPG, but if you want to sow an offering, there is an offering box available inside the Solomon’s Prayer Tower or in front of Management office.

The Prayer Tower

The condition Praying in the prayer tower is certainly like praying, praising and worshiping God, and can enter at any time because there are watchman/watchwoman who alternately serve for 24 hours and they are the ones who lead in the prayer tower. The prayers here are not for personal struggles or personal problems but prayers for the Nations, the States, leaders of either government or church leaders, issues that occur both nationally and globally and prayers of spiritual warfare.

To enter the prayer room, the maximum stay is 2 (two) nights 3 (three) days and minimum1 (one) days (24 hours) and can only stay 2 (two) times a month for each person, in order to give opportunity to others who want to come stay and pray in HOSPG. Not allowed to bring any food. Praying in the prayer room is for personal prayer or other intercession, according to God’s guidance and can also use the facilities in HOSPG by reporting to the receptionist. During the stay is not allowed to exit the HOSPG area for any reason.

The chapel is used only for groups with a duration of 2 (two) hours, and must register first. There are 2 (two) chapels that are Abraham’s chapel on the 2nd floor and Moses Chapel on the 3rd Floor which only uses carpets.There are 2 (two) chapels that are David’s chapel on the 2nd floor and the Elijah chapel on the 3rd floor uses chairs.These four chapels have a capacity of 75 people each.

There is 1 (one) small chapel, the Haggai chapel is on the 3rd floor for a maximum group of 10 (ten) people.Pray in the Chapel according to the purpose of the group and not to open a new church or to build a congregation.

A night’s prayer of course there is a clear purpose, for it must send a letter of application a week before, and the contents of the letter should include details of the evening prayer. The letter is signed by the group leader / church / prayer group / foundation / alma mater / school.

For groups must send a letter signed by the leader of the group / church / prayer group / foundation / alma mater / school.

Letters can be sent by e-mail or sent directly a week before and the contents of the letter should be explained how many people will stay the number of each man or woman and the details of the event should be listed.

The Prayer Caves & Prayer Garden

After registering, will be given a prayer cave number. The prayer cave is used only for one person, and pray for personal struggles/problems or according to the Lord’s guidance. In the prayer cave there is a sitting cushion and a small table to put the Bible, a small table not to be occupied. Not allowed to carry any pillows and not allowed to pray aloud or shout.

The prayer garden area can not be used for recreation, this place is only for praying and sharing the Word of God, not allowed for counseling or doing release service. Little bamboo gazebos is only for 2 (two) people and 1 (one) big bamboo gazebo for group maximum 10 people. In front of a large fish pond there is a place to sit and be able to sit while reading the Word of God.

Utilities Area

Please contact our counselor via WA counselor, or contact the HOSPG receptionistĀ  by telephone.

The dining room is reserved only for a place to eat, not allowed for group prayer and celebrate birthdays. If you want to reading the Word of God is permissible. But not for sharing the Word of God because the places for sharing the Word of God are readily available.

Books in libraries are allowed to read only in HOSPG areas.

The tips box is available in the receptionist room and is not allowed to give to the person / stewardship at HOSPG.