Kami adalah organisasi nir-laba dan melayani semua denominasi

CELL GROUP of ITC Cempaka Mas Jakarta

Shalom .. we are from “The Cell Group of ITC Cempaka Mas Jakarta” wish to express gratitude to the Lord Jesus, we also want to thank the management of The House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden because of the warm welcome and hospitality we feel  joy of being here.

There’s so much we could feel especially myself. I have come to this place twice and a lot of changes happened in my family especially for myself. Sometimes there is a struggling that I can not solve, but when I come to  House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden there is an extraordinary change in my mindset, the wisdom of the God’s makes a change in my own mindset.

As the Cell Group of ITC Cempaka Mas established  the first time in January. We feel there is a spiritual improvement in us after we came to the House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden twice. We have had a remarkable mindset and we are improving. We believe it is a God’s miracle, even we feel there are peace and joy always.

Therefore we come again for the second time  to have the peace and  joy of God in this place. If  God allows, we plan to come back here  next month to pray, praise, and worship Him and enjoy His presence. Indeed God is extraordinary. As I pray in the prayer tower of Solomon, God’s miracle went down. I didn’t think before if praying in God’s prayer tower was so incredible, I am sure He will use this prayer tower to reach souls everywhere so they come here and pray in this Prayer Garden.

Once again I thank for the service in this place, for the discipline and safety, the cleanliness, and hospitality to us which always be the priority. Thank you and Lord Jesus bless.