Regulatory information


I.       MAIN BUILDING, there is the Solomon's Prayer Tower located on the 1st  floor; 4 (four) Chapel on 2nd floor & 3rd floor; and 45 prayer rooms on 1st,2nd & 3rd floors. And 1(one) small chapel on the 3rd  floor.

II.      PRAYER CAVE, there are eighty-one prayer caves in the garden area.

III.     UTILITY BUILDING, there is counseling room, bookstore, library,dining room, kitchen and Laundry room.

IV.     PRAYER GARDEN AREA, there are 27 bamboo gazebos for 2 (two) persons capacity and 1 (one) big bamboo gazebo for 10 (ten) persons capacity.


Maximum stay of 2 (two) nights or 2 × 24 hours, and 1 (one) day, unless there is special permission from HOSPG management.

 All facilities in HOSPG can use only 2 (two) times a month to allow other people or groups  

   who wish to pray in HOSPG.

 Guests staying are required to fast for 1 (one) time.

 When registration must submit a valid ID (resident card,driving license or passport).

 Not allowed to leave HOSPG area during stay.

 Do not take children under 12 unless a school group is supervised by their teachers.

 The number of people in the group who use the chapel more than 15 people from the church group or fellowship, please bring a letter of recommendation containing the number of participants and the list of events from the pastor or group leader.

 Not allowed to eat or drink in the HOSPG area except in the dining room.

 Not allowed to bring books, magazines, tabloids, newspapers non-spiritual into the HOSPG area.

 Required to fill out the registration form.

 Biblical / Seminary School Students must bring a cover letter from their alma mater.

 Please contact the receptionist / security personnel  if you need anything.

 No smoking and littering in any place.

 Please check your luggage before leaving HOSPG, lost / abandoned items are beyond HOSPG management responsibility.

 Giving direct tips is not allowed. If you want to give, can be put in a special box in the reception room.

 If you want to give “offerings”, there is a special place in front of the management office or inside Solomon Prayer Tower.

The Prayer Tower

The prayer tower  is the place where the Body of Christ prays, praises, and worships God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year and as a higher place and, a place to watch, as a guard center (not praying for personal struggles). But pray for the leaders of nation / state / spiritual leaders and issues that are happening either nationally or globally, praying against spirits who want to destroy the city / nation / country. A place to prepare the way for God (Isaiah 40: 3-5) before the great and glorious day of the Lord takes place, builds the highway, removes the stones, establishes banners for the nations (Isaiah 62:10), in order that the will of God takes place on earth as it is in Heaven and prepares the mighty warriors of God who have a lifestyle of prayer-praising and worshiping God in unity day and night and who are doing God’s will in this age and to prepare candidates for the bride of Christ.

Chapel facilities are used for group of maximum 75 s / d 100 people. It is only for prayer, praise and worship God and share the Word of God led by the head or pastor of each group. And every Entourage must only use the Chapel for 2(two) hours, unless overnight prayer with special permission from HOSPG Management. Please apply for the borrowing chapel as well as the list of events and we should receive a week before the date of use of the chapel. The chapel is located on the 2nd  Floor and    on 3rd floor as follows:

 Abrahan Chapel (using carpet), David chapel (using 75 chairs), located on the 2nd floor.

 Elijah Chapel (using carpet), Moses chapel (using 75 chairs), located on the 3rd  floor.

 Haggai Chapel (using carpet), on the 3rd floor only for small groups maximum 10 (ten) people.

Not allowed to bring food /beverages and snacks into the chapel and maintain the tranquility during worship activity.

Prayer room facilities are provided for visitors who will stay for a maximum of 2 (two) nights, 3 (three) days, with the sincerely intend of praying, praising and worshiping God, Please contact the reception minimum 3 (three) days previous.

Not allowed to:

 Bring foods/beverages and snacks into the room, mineral water dispensers are available, please bring your own bottle of drink.

 During their stay, guests are prohibited from leaving the area of HOSPG and may not receive visitors from outside.

 Receive or order food from outside the HOSPG area as meals and drinks are available.

 If you want to go to Church around HOSPG, it must be adjusted to the church service schedule, and must return immediately after the service and not exceed the time specified by the Receptionist or HOSPG security personnel.

The Prayer Caves

Before entering the prayer cave, please take the number of prayer caves in  security post in prayer cave area.

 Men and women are forbidden to be in the same prayer cave.

 It is prohibited to eat/drink or bring food/beverages and snacks into the prayer cave.

 It is prohibited to bring pillows/pads in any form except those that already provided in the prayer cave.

 It is prohibited shouting/pray with a loud voice.

 It is prohibited to have conversation  in the area of prayer cave.

 Children are prohibited in this area, except for groups of schoolchildren supervised by their teachers.

 It is prohibited to sleep in the prayer cave.

 It is prohibited to  leave anything inside the prayer cave.

 Turn off the light when finished praying and returned the prayer cave number to the security post in the prayer cave area

There are 9 (nine) clusters of bamboo gazebo, namely  : Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and Self-control, each cluster consists of 3 (three) units and each unit for the capacity of 2 (two) people and there is 1 (one) large bamboo gazebo that is Filadelfia for the capacity of 10 (ten) people. The prayer garden area is provided only for prayer, Bible reading / spiritual books that can be borrowed from the library or sharing the Word of God and can also choose to hear the spiritual music or the Word of God provided. This area is open from 08.00 am until 19.00 pm. And it is not allowed to bring food/ beverages and snacks into this area. Please do not pluck fruit / flower / other plants.

The Utilities Building

There are : Counselling room, bookstore, library room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room. For guests staying there is provided food 3 (three) times a day and is required to fast once. washing place is available and please after meals to wash your plates and drinking utensils. For guests who only come to pray, when bringing food is requested to leave it in the reception room and after praying can be taken to eat in the dining room. For guests who come only for spot surveys, are not allowed to bring food/beverages and snacks.


 Every person who needs counseling can make an appointment first and may contact the counselor to be served by receptionist  

   or WA-Online listed on the HOSPG website. The counseling room opens at 09.00 am.


 Spiritual books and accessories and needs to stay at HOSPG also beverages and snacks are available here.

 Not allowed to bring beverages and snacks purchased at bookstores to all areas of the HOSPG except in the dining room.


Library provides spiritual books which can be blessing for a HOSPG guest and only be read in the HOSPG area, not to take home.


For every guest who  stays, meals are provided and the kitchen  opens every hour : 07:00 am to 08:00 am for breakfast; 12:00 pm to 13:00 pm for lunch; and 18:00 pm to 19:00 pm for dinner.


For each HOSPG guest is prohibited to eat in any area exept in the dining room.


This room is only for HOSPG purposes. not for guest laundry purposes,