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Restored and Renewed By God

This is what I felt when I first came to House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden. I felt pain in my chest, tightness that made me hard to breathe. Then I entered the prayer tower with the pain I still feel. As I began to enter in the presence of God I felt a wonderful blessing that made me more eagerly praise and worship God. This is a very remarkable thing that makes me forget the illness that I suffered and praise God the tightness in my chest disappeared because God has recovered. God made me drift in his presence.

Speaking in tongues … I will share a little testimony of the language of the Spirit. Back when I was elementary school (SD) I feel strange and surprised if there are people who language of the Spirit around me. I do not think the language sounds clear. I know that it is the language of the Spirit when I was in junior high school (SMP).

While I was in the prayer tower, and as I praise and worship suddenly my tears came out and as deeply as I worshiped my mouth I could not stop speaking by issuing a language I did not understand. I am reminded of those who used to speak in tongues I finally followed me what happened until finally slowly I started to stop and just then I realized that the words I spoke were tongues. I am so grateful to God that I can finally pray in tongues. Thank you and Lord Jesus bless.