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Students of Petamburan Theology Jakarta

On the 12th and 13th of May 2017 we are Students of Petamburan Theology came to the House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden to pray, praise and worship God. We know that without being close to God what we are doing will all be in vain,In these two days, the time we use only to pray in the prayer tower, we pray for Indonesia, for the leaders of this Nation, Spiritual leaders,souls and nations, even we also pray personally in the prayer cave, pray for each other in the chapel and share the Word of God in the chapel also in a bamboo gazebo named Filadelfia at prayer garden area.

We really feel the presence of God, we feel the joy of the divine connection with God in the HOSPG. Thank You Lord Jesus for this wonderful opportunity God graciously for us to be able to pray here.Thank you for HOSPG Management which has given us the opportunity to pray here. Let HOSPG continue to be used by God to be a blessing to many church denominations in Depok, in Indonesia and even the Nations. Amen.