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The Believer’s Highest Honor

John 12:24-26

I’ll never forget the best introduction I’ve ever received as an invited speaker.The presenter simply said,”It is my great pleasure to introduce to you my brother,Charles Stanley, servant of the Most High God.” I couldn’t move from my seat for a few moments;I was so struck by this opening that glorified the Lord and identified my proper position.

The Word of God describes believers as ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20),soldiers (2 Tim. 2:3),and saints (Eph. 2:19).But the highest honor that we can receive is to be called servants of the Most High God.From the world’s perspective,those who die to self in order to follow the Lord may stand in last place—in reality,however,they are first in His kingdom.(See Matt. 20:16.)

Sadly,service to God is often equated solely with what goes on at church.The preacher serves.The choir serves.The worker in the soup kitchen serves.But the guy pushing papers and the woman cleaning up others’messes tend to be seen as simply doing their jobs.From the Father’s vantage point,though,work well done brings as much glory to His name as a song lifted in praise.(See Col. 3:23-24.) So take heart—if you’re doing quality work and striving to make an impact on those around you,then you are serving God.

Service to the Lord is not about what we do,but rather howwell we do all that the Lord has given us to accomplish (1 Peter 4:10).A good servant shares both Jesus Christ’s attitude of humility and His motivation to reach people with the love of God.

Bible in One Year:Jeremiah 6-8.

Source of : Sentuhan Hati