The Prayer Tower

is a place to pray, praise & worship God for 24 hours

Prayer Tower Building

Prayer Tower building is a replica of Solomon Temple in 1:1 scale.

Solomon Prayer Tower
Tabernacle of Moses is emphasizing Words of God, and Tabernacle of David is emphasizing praise & worship. It is just like Churches nowadays which is emphasizing Words of God and the others is emphasizing praise and worship.
Pray, Praise & Worship in Solomon Prayer Tower
Solomon Temple is integrated between Tabernacle of Moses and Tabernacle of David. In Solomon Temple there are Words of God and praise & worship. So, in Solomon Prayer Tower (Solomon Temple) there are Words of God days and night praise & worship.
Solomon Prayer Tower
45 Prayer Rooms
The Prayer Rooms are surrounding the Solomon Prayer Tower with 45 prayer rooms in three level floors.

Prayer Room

The prayer room is a room where
you can pray and rest here.
Every room is equiped with tables
chairs, air conditions and for one
person only. No food allowed.

the Chapel with rugs on the floor

There are 4 big chapels & one small chapel on the 2nd and 3rd floor, there are all ruged and no food allowed.
The Chapel with chairs
Pastor could hold special sermon, breaktrough prayer, or even holy communion with the congregation who are staying together in the House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden.
The Lift
We provide lift to go to 2nd and 3rd floor